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Artist living in Victoria BC, Canada, wildlife, flowers, landscapes, still life, koi

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Hello Anne Your painting arrived well ahead of our 25th anniversary and what a lovely, gorgeous surprise it is. The colors just pop and we love the contemporary style of all your landscapes. Our grandson is in love with your wolf paintings, perhaps he will receive one as a gift in the future. Take care Molly
Molly Berwick - 25 Oct 2023
It was a beautiful day on May 28th for the Scattered Artists Show 2023 Tour and we got to enjoy your artwork in full sunshine. Thank you
John, Emmy Rudzik - 30 May 2023
So I have gotten hooked on your woven wearable art. As soon as I receive my wrap, that will make three. I also have a scarf and a shrug. I love them all and get many compliments. Your work is truly art! Thank you so much. Sincerely...
Donna in Yellowknife - 20 May 2023
Anne I saw your work at the Delta Point Hotel and want to say how much I enjoyed your use of color and composition. I don't usually comment on artwork but yours is exceptional. Bravo!!!
Kyle Norris - 14 Feb 2023
I am in love with your way of painting....there is something so deeply connecting between myself and your art. I'm simply in love! can't put it any other way. I am going to save for a painting. I must.
Brenda Tataryn - 7 Dec 2022
I am over the moon with "Somewhere Close" it is vivid, gorgeous, and so much more lovely than in the photo. What professional packaging too. Thank you so much Anne, hope to see you at the hotel again this summer.
Solly McCrae - 17 Mar 2022
Hello Anne. I saw your work at the Grand Pacific Hotel recently and would love to purchase one of your bear paintings. I grew up in northern BC and your paintings reflect the beauty of not only the bears that live here but of our province as well.
Carmen Noige - 3 Aug 2021
Dear Anne - I wish I had bought both paintings when I had the chance but I absolutely love the bear painting. I am amazed at how you capture the beauty of your animals, the eyes are so compelling and stare right into your soul. Thank you for the speedy delivery and professional packaging. I hope to be in Victoria when we can travel again and would love to meet you. Connie Palfour, Thunder Bay
Connie Palfour - 28 Jan 2021
Magnificent, love it. Thank you so much Anne, so glad I discovered your work and got to meet you in person. I shall be purchasing again. All the best
Gordon Bell - 10 Nov 2020
Dear Anne, I truly enjoy your koi fish paintings in my dining room. They arrived safely in a matter of a few days after I ordered. The package was so solid, you can tell they were custom packed professionally. The paintings look much better "in person" than when I saw them online. They are stunning. I will definitely recommend your art to friends and family and people who are reviewing your art online. Best wishes, Amanda Xie Toronto - May 28, 2019.
Amanda Xie - 28 May 2019
Dear Anne, For the second time we are completely delighted with how your artwork has graced our home and brought with it such magical and genuine energy. A few years ago, we bought "Morning Coffee" and we have loved how that piece has inspired a sense of coziness and peace in our kitchen/family room. We have just brought home "Serengeti Maternity Ward" to hang in a place of honour over the fireplace in our living room. We absolutely love the painting and the inspiration it brings us to visit Tanzania, which has been a long time dream of ours. Thank you Anne, for sharing your wonderful talent, skill, and energy with us!
Kathryn and Robert - 1 Apr 2019
Hello Anne, I recently saw this painting in a cafe at the Wharf, whilst walking with my husband and another couple. We were on holiday from Adelaide, South Australia, and as I was sipping my cup of tea, noticed it. I then kept looking at it and was mindful not to get too close as there were people sitting near by. Having been home for 2 weeks, it is still on my mind. Thank you Trish, so happy to have "Serenity" find a home in Australia.
Trish Potter - 31 Mar 2019
50 Shade of Blue is now mine! She will be coming to Yellowknife to live with 5 other pieces I have from the amazingly talented Anne Bowen! Plus I given her paintings as gifts x 2 so that makes 7! So thrilled. Thank you Anne!!! Love from Donna in Yellowknife xo
Donna Young - 28 Oct 2018
Anne just wanted to let you know we received your painting yesterday. My neighbor was over and wants you to paint a similar one for him. Just love your work, especially the animals.
Acton Lee - 16 May 2018
We have hung your beautiful still life "Lemon Zest" in our kitchen. The wonderful colours and composition make us happy every day! We look forward to viewing more of your work in the future. Thank you for your creative vision and time. Pam Streeton - 13 Nov 2017
Pam and Rick Streeton - 13 Nov 2017
Hi Anne, we absolutely love Dragon Fantasy! The koi are so graceful and lively, the dragon pot so detailed. We love the surreal quality of this composition - it's so eye-catching and unexpected! Thank you! Jackie
Jackie Dobranski - 21 Jul 2017
"Kumquats and Koi" hangs in my dining room. It always causes me to pause and wonder: are they floating or swimming; so real and so surreal. What a gift to have something so beautiful and intriguing interrupt my trance and bring me back to the Moment. Thank you, Anne
Catherine Ellis - 20 Jul 2017
And meeting you was so special for us. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and your wonderful love and animals and the environment. "Morning Coffee" happily greets us in the morning and throughout the day! It's such a treasure having a piece of your work in our home. Thank you Anne
Kathryn Hodgson - 2 May 2017
Hi Anne I just purchased The Golden Hour as a present for my parent's anniversary. It was difficult to choose one as I love all your work. Thank you
A. Lefleur - 26 Mar 2017
It was a pleasure to have met you today as well! Your painting fits perfectly in our home, (Orange you Glad:) Thank You and hopefully see you at a show soon! Trevor & Drew
Trevor P. - 12 Mar 2017
Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how well you captured Basil. Her fur is absolutely real to life. The look in her eyes is exactly how she looked, and her mouth!!!! You even captured that little bit of dark fur at her mouth, Basil B will always be with me now, I hope you know how much joy this will bring me! She's perfect. Absolutely! Thank you, thank you! Unreal.
Donna Young - 26 Mar 2016
We stayed at the Coast Harborside Hotel last week and saw your fabulous paintings. Love your work. Hope to be able to purchase a piece in the near future. Jo Causton - Maryland
Jo Causton - 24 Feb 2016
Hi Anne, My daughter loved the "Confetti" painting of the birch trees! She was surprised and thrilled! Thank you again! Merry Christmas!
Cheryl Wright - 25 Dec 2015
Today is our 32 wedding anniversary and my husband just opened your package. I greatly appreciate the great care you took to ensure the artwork arrived safely. You did fabulous packaging. I am thrilled to see Carp Capers in our home. it makes me think of Oak Bay Marina, drinking wine and eating wonderful food as I look at the fish which is a lovely thought since we are to have snow here on Saurday. Thank you so much Anne. Sheilagh, Calgary
Sheilagh O'Dwyer - 13 Oct 2015
Hi Anne: Koi Capers is now a part of our home and I couldn't be more pleased. I love the brilliant colours and the mystery embodied in the composition. On first seeing this piece in Victoria, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I know I will enjoy it every day. Thank you so much for your care in getting it safely to us. Bonnie Schepers - Ontario
Bonnie Schepers - 26 Jun 2015
Hi Anne. My painting arrived today and what a beauty. I thought I might put it in my office but have changed my mind and it is now hanging in my den at home, what a show piece. Thank you so much.
Kent Walley - Ontario - 17 Jun 2015
Hello Anne, I have just been introduced to your works this evening by Casey in Prince George, and I have to say, your work is very beautiful. I love the Sunflowers the most. The colours used are very bright and lively. You have some beautiful talent. I would love to chatt with you via email if you have some time. Thank you and am looking forward to seeing more paintings. :)
Darlene Nicoletti - 21 Nov 2014
Hi Anne. It's here! Red Jade arrived safe and sound and it's even more beautiful than I remember. The only problem is that now I want to bring it home and give it to Jim tonight! It's definitely going to be hard to wait for Christmas. Thank you so much for all your help. I'm thrilled to be giving your beautiful piece of art a home. I'll plan on being in touch with you after I give it to Jim. Take care Anne and thank you, thank you! Anne Marie, Colorado Springs
Anne Marie Flynn - 5 Nov 2014
Hi Ms.Bowen, I was admiring your landscapes and thought I'd let you know:) I am taking art lessons to de-stress and found your birch trees paintings. I am trying to do one as well thinking trees and foliage can't be that hard. Well am I surprised!! The challenge is worth it though and I wish you could be my teacher:) Thank you for inspiring new wannabe artists like me!
Nathalie Giovanna - 15 Oct 2014
Lovely lovely zebras - whimsical yet soulful and so beautifully painted. You've done it again Anne. What a woman!
Barbara Judson - 26 Sep 2014
"Blue Ginger Jar" is really a Wow! While, if possible, we would like to see both koi paintings, we think, judging from the photograph, that we would like to make arrangements to purchase the Blue ginger Jar.
Audrey Tomick - 14 Apr 2014
Wow, I am absolutely stunned by the beauty of your painting! I love the colours and definition in the trees. It looks so beautiful on my white walls, just POPS. I am not sure where its'new home will be, right now I am just carrying it around with me from room to room. Thanks so much, you are truly a very talented artist, I am humbled to own a piece of your work....happily, Rita
Rita Woodley - 6 Mar 2014
I'm the new owner of "Amapola", a lovely splash of colour brightening up my home. Thanks Anne.
Lauren Boucher - 4 Sep 2013
Hi Anne, Kara told us about your exhibit, and your website. Congratulations. what exquisite and diverse work. You are so talented, and have obviously been putting your "retirement" to perfect use. we miss you around our School, but are all so proud of you. love, Nancy
Nancy Turner - 12 Aug 2013
Hello Anne, While attending meetings in Victoria, I had the pleasure of watching you create "Hollyhocks. When you were done, I couldn't help myself, I had to have it!It now adds a touch of beauty to my home. Thank you!
Laureen Lacusta - 28 Jul 2013
Hello Anne, I have admired your work at FRESH coffee shop. You're work is absolutely stunning. I especially enjoy the colors and shading that you bring out in your work. Nice to see that you are offering classes to share your gift.
Michelle Trofimuk - 4 Feb 2013
We are the lucky owners of 'Round the Bend'! Tricky to decide on just which painting we would like to have, but this, in particular, reminded us of our most favorite of places. Anne, you have a very special gift!
Esther and Will Moores - 15 Jun 2012
I am a big fan of your art Anne. And, I might add, the proud owner of Assisi Streets and Geraniums at Sunset. I love them! Thank you!
Donna Young - 11 Jun 2012
I have always been a fan of your work and it just gets better and better! I look forward to seeing the beautiful paintings you will be creating in the future. Carla Austen -11 June 2012
Carla Austen - 11 Jun 2012
You're very talented Anne, your paintings are great!
Deb Lawrence - 10 Jun 2012
Wonderful work, Anne! Great website too. Congrats!
Joanna Stonechapel - 8 Jun 2012
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